Autumn Escape Package

Autumn Escape Package

The Autumn Escape package starts with three deep breaths. 

1… 2… 3… 

And you are transported into a state of pure bliss. 


Starting with one leg at a time, a delicious Pure Fiji sugar scrub is gently rubbed into your skin. As the scrub works its magic to exfoliate you, a warm oil is generously poured and massaged over your body. Next, a mask is applied on top of the scrub and oils, to lock in all the goodness. Feel yourself melt away, and forget about all your worries, as the sugar scrub and oils are massaged over your whole body, releasing all your built-up tension. 


Once you are fully relaxed, you are wrapped up in a blanket cocoon to let those treats really soak into your skin. A cocoon you might say, to help transform you into a beautiful, blissed out human version of the monarch butterfly!   

Up next is the Indian head massage or autumn facial. If you are feeling extra indulgent, you can have both. Starting with the blissful Indian head massage, hot oils are applied and massaged into your scalp and through your hair. As pressure points on your head are stimulated and firmly pressed on, you will be floating on clouds.  Feel all that weight and pressure lift off you. Finally, your hair is wrapped up in a hot towel, to lock in the moisture. 


The autumn facial begins with a gentle cleanser, massaged into your face, and removed with a steamy hot towel. Following this is a beautiful mask, tickling your senses as the brush bristles glide over your skin. Lastly, another hot towel is wrapped over your face, releasing steam to really open up those pores, the beautiful products are then gently wiped away, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple. 


If you need a little extra self-care, you can also add an LED to the end of your Autumn Escape Package. Let your body rest and absorb all the nutrients from the delicious products, while the LED works its magic to revitalise your skin. 


1… 2… 3…  

And you’re back in the real world, feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.  


Finish off by stepping into the shower to rinse away the sugar scrub and oils. And finally, unwind and re-ground yourself in our relaxation room with a nice cup of hot chamomile tea and a sweet biscuit.  

Now you’re ready to take on the rest of your day feeling like a whole new you. 


“I didn’t even know I could feel this relaxed.” 


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