LED and your Skin

LED and your Skin

For the ill-informed, light therapy sounds like a hoax.  

Haven’t we been taught to fear the sun’s rays!?

Yes, light can age and damage the skin, but certain controlled wave lengths can foster positive cell regeneration.  
Let us shed light on this clinically proven practice.  

Historically known as ‘phototherapy’, and dating back to the 19th century when ultra violet was used to cure Lupus, scientist Niels Finson won a Nobel prize for that discovery.  

The breakthrough came in the 60’s when the first microscopic Light Emitting Diode was invented, this was quickly picked up and developed into a bulb for more practical use.  

By the 2000’s, the science and studies were proven by the likes of Russia and NASA that LED treatment had amazing benefits to not only your health, but for cosmetic beauty too.  


“The job of LED treatment is to excite the cells” says Renee, Dermalux technician at Radiance.  
“So, it activates and it helps with your collagen and elastin production”. 

Unlike the normal LED light bulb installed into your house, the Dermalux LED is a specific tri-wave head, intensifying the most clinically reparative colours.  

After a double cleanse and polish, the tiny tanning googles are placed over your eyes, the sci-fi concaved rainbow hoovers over your head for 20 minutes, mixing a combo of blue, red and the invisible infrared light.  

The blue light targets the surface layer of your skin where bacteria festers. This light eliminates those estrogenic toxins which cause hormonal blemishes and acne scarring. 

The red light goes deeper into the mid layer of the skin, to the Mitochondria – the excitable skin cells!  
They accelerate renewal and plump up those cells with collagen, which in turn will improve your skins appearance. 

The near infrared light penetrates into the deepest skin layer to promote healing and reduce redness in the skin.  

“I’ve come from a background of pealing and microdermabrasion, actually creating a lot of wounds to the skin, thinking that that was the way to do it.” explains Renee as she tracks her 18-year beauty therapy career.   

“If there’s a better way of working with the skin and get better results, 100% I’m there...  

All of our treatments here [at Radiance] are non-wounding and we look internally prior to even thinking about topically. Working with the skin and not masking the problem”  


Dermalux LED light treatment prides on being noninvasive and being versatile for any skin type.  
This line of treatment can help with fresh scarring too.  


Come into the light. Specifically, our LED light. Make a booking today.  



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