IPL Treatments

Revolutionary IPL Treatment available at Radiance Skin & Day Spa!

EFB Beaut's Anthelia IPL is a solution to permanently remove white, blonde, grey, red and black hair - on any area of the body as well as any colour of skin. Such advanced technology is effective and a safe treatment of other skin concerns like ​fine lines and ageing, pigmentation and acne.

How does it work?

The machine works by using pulsed light, polychromatic light filtered of all ultraviolet rays (UVA, UVB and UVC) to generate a natural reactivation of collagen and elastin. The treatment is virtually painless and is without risk to the face and body when before and aftercare advice is followed.

What is the advantage of IPL?
The precision of the pulsed light, which helps you say goodbye to all that unwanted hair, varicose veins, pigmentary spots and more!

Get your youthful glow back in a cost-effective and virtually painless way. Enquire today for more information by emailing enquiries@radiance.net.nz or book now for a complimentary consultation.

What does the consultation involve?

The consultation for IPL treatment is required and covers our recommendation on the treatment and plan, timeframe and quote to best suit your needs. The consultation takes 30 minutes and is complimentary.

​Medical Grade IPL Hair Removal 

Advanced technology means better results:

-Lasting reduction of dark, white blond and red hair

-Pigmentation treatment

-Red vein reduction

-Anti ageing

-Acne reduction

-Skin rejuvenation

This efficient method is for both men and women and offers numerous advantages over other depilation methods.

This new technology, which has considerably evolved over the last ten years is the know-how of EFB, the french manufacturer and market leader for over twenty years.

IPL Hair Reduction (for all hair colours)

IPL hair removal is the best option for permanent hair reduction. IPL’s unique design allows customised treatments according to the colour, texture and location of hair growth. Any hair - black, brown, red, blond, white and grey hair can be treated effectively with new patented technology from Anthelia. 
Pulses of intense light penetrate the skin and heat the hair shaft and follicle which causes an effect on hair growth. A series of treatments is required to effectively reduce your growth. Your IPL expert will advise the amount and frequency of treatments you require.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Removing the visible signs of ageing can take years off your appearance giving you a smooth clear skin. A course of IPL treatments is required and excellent long term results are possible with careful attention to the proper use of good skincare and sunblock.

IPL Treatment for Pigmentation

Pigmentation, discolouration and sun spots can all be treated effectively with IPL providing you with the clear and even complexion you have always wanted. A course of treatments is required and excellent long term results are possible with careful attention to the proper use of good skincare and sunblock.

IPL Treatment for Red Veins

Redness flushing and damaged or broken capillaries respond well to IPL Treatment. Your therapist will consult with you to establish the best IPL treatment as well as internal health and medical grade skincare to help strengthen your capillaries and improve skin density.