Tattoo Removal

If you have been wanting to rid your body of a tattoo you no longer love or remove permanent make up from your face, XTRACT is for you.

Emma, will first have a consultation with you to discuss what you want removed. Pricing, After care, and to see if your skin is compatible to the removal process will happen during this consultation. This consultation is free.

Permanent Makeup: 1-3 sessions

Small Tattoo: 1-6 sessions

Average size/large tattoo: 1-8+ sessions.

Sessions must be within 6-8 weeks of each other.

After Care Treatment

The aftercare serum you will recieve is ‘Xtract Repair’ which is a DNA repair serum with the patented Zinc Finger Technology which activates the natural re-modelling
process. This is a crucial part of wound repair. It also contains patented technology AC-11 that is proven to increase DNA repair by 33%. 

This is to be applied daily with bandage change until the area has healed or up to 21days after your session.

If tattoo is on a lower extremity eg lower leg or forearm the Heal serum will be required to purchase.

Aftercare MUST be taken seriously, and must be continued  up to 21 days or until the area has healed completely to get the best results.

Not suitable during pregnancy, breast feeding or if on blood thinners. Phone bookings only.

03 445 8444

  • About XTRACT

    Emma is the only XTRACT specialist in the south island. To book with Emma please note that there is a 4-6 week waiting list.

    XTRACT was originally created in the USA. For sex traffic workers to have the painless option of having their branding removed. The treatment was designed by Dr Ben
    Johnson, owner and creator or Osmosis skin care.