Lets chat IPL

Lets chat IPL

 Welcome to another edition of #SkinSchool.  

As we educate and practice the means to achieve body confidence. 

Let's learn about what’s involved with an IPL Treatment at Radiance. 

(An acronym for Intense Pulsed Light).  


No, this is not a burning laser treatment. It’s 100% non-invasive light treatment that sends a tri-wave of UVA, UVB, UVC light to penetrate and heal different layers of the skin.  
From surface to dermis and beyond.  

These spectrums of light colours have reparative benefits on our skin. Burst veins, patchy pigmentation and visible skin scarring can all be reduced in appearance with IPL treatment. The light combined with heat targets the redness but also triggers the repair of the surrounding skin.  

For hair removal, IPL in close proximity to the skin can send light to the hair follicles, which heats and destroys the cells that make new growth.    

Technology has come a long way.  

In the past, IPL treatments were only suitable for those with fair skin and dark hair.  

We’ve ensured our beauty spa has the state-of-the-art tech and the EFB Anthelia IPL is just that.  

An initial consultation is needed so we can properly advise and treat the areas that are of most concern. 

After a series of IPL treatments, you will start ticking boxes on your beauty list: 

The face – Glowing and youthful  

The body hair – Under control 

The redness, scarring and veins – Actually starting to fade. 


And I’m feeling good. 

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