Observ Skin Scan: What Are The Benefits?

Observ Skin Scan: What Are The Benefits?

Your skin journey starts with a skin consultation using the Observ skin scanner. 

First things first, your highly trained beauty specialist will chat with you about your personal skin concerns and struggles. She will ask you about your skin journey so far, what kind of products you use to help your skin at the moment, and where you want to be at the end of your journey.  

With this base knowledge in hand, you head over to the magical machine that is the Observ Skin Scanner.  

The Observ scanner can look ominous to begin with. Like a sci-fi space pod. But once you pop your head into the device, you’ll see that it’s not so scary after all.  

Inside the hood, there are lights surrounding your face to illuminate you at every angle, and some mirrors to help guide the light. All you have to do is rest your chin on the chin rest and close your eyes.  

5 beeps, and you’re done at that angle. Then you adjust your chin positioning to either side for more photos. 

That’s right, photos. This odd-looking machine scans your face using different wavelengths of light, to help you get a deeper (pun intended) understanding of the layers under your skin. These photos help you and your Radiance skin specialists identify the root cause of your problems, so that you can find a solution. 

There are five photos to be taken.  

  1. Daylight. This photo shows you what your face looks like to everyone around you. You should be familiar with this face, as it’s what you see when you look in the mirror. 
  2. This next photo shows you where all your inflammation is. You will see all the redness that’s lurking beneath the surface. 
  3. This light profile shows you the texture of your skin. You will see where your pores are, and all your fine lines and wrinkles. Don’t worry, this is to help you find a solution to these problems! 
  4. The next blue light photo shows you all your areas of pigmentation, as well as the areas producing all the oils on your face. These are darkened spots that you cannot see with the naked eye. 
  5. This final blue light photo takes an even deeper image, looking beyond the initial layer of pigmentation.  
  6. Didn’t I say there were only 5 photos? Yes, there are 5 photos taken, but with some magic, the Observ puts together a picture of what your skin will look like in 5 years if these underlying problems are not treated. 

So now all the photos have been taken, what’s next? 

Your friendly skin specialist will talk you through your results, and help you understand the causes of your skin results. She will help you come up with a skincare routine that suits your unique skin profile and recommend products and treatments to help you along the way.  

As part of your consultation, you will get to experience the wonders of a complementary LED treatment, all while your lovely Radiance skin specialist puts together her product recommendations and samples.  

Not only is the LED treatment relaxing and warm, but, with ongoing frequent LED sessions, it also helps reduce your skin issues! Yes, all of them, using different wavelengths, or a combination of wavelengths, the LED light therapy targets different layers of the skin to help with aging, skin damage, collagen production, and acne. So, no matter what your skin concerns are, and no matter what your Observ scan results show, you can rest assured that an LED treatment will help you achieve your ultimate skin goals!  

Now that your skin journey has begun, get excited and ready to find out where it takes you next. 

Book your Observ skin consultation to start your skin journey. 


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